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Abstract This paper takes a look at a person’s resilience and why one person has the ability to bounce back and recover from traumatic circumstances. Research has shown that some resilience is genetic but others find that it is related to a person’s environment. I will draw comparisons of Louis Zamperini’s life, (a Vietnam War veteran and Olympic champion) and some of the environmental reasons for his great resilience to some of the evidence research has shown that makes a person resilient. Resilience refers to the ability to overcome negative effects of a bad situation or successfully coping with very traumatic situations. Resiliency is what allow us to bounce back or rise to the challenge during or after a difficult situation. At some point in our life, everyone will experience challenges or setbacks. Some of the challenges will be minor and some will be monumental, but change, challenges and loss are all a part of life. An individual’s resilience comes down to how he or she is able to cope with these issues. Our level of coping skills and the amount of resilience a person has plays a major role in the outcome of each situation and also the long term effect it has on each one of us psychologically. Have you ever wondered why certain individuals are able to remain calm in the face of danger? Have you ever wondered why certain people have the strength to cope with life’s stressors, job loss, financial burdens, divorce, death, war and natural disasters? Resilience is the reason! Resilience gives people the ability to overcome adversity and then move on with their lives, however, resilience does not remove life’s stressors and difficulties. Why are some people more resilient than others? Do people come by it naturally or is it a learned skill? The American Psychological Association (2007) says, “according

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