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Psychology Infancy to adulthood Research essay Year 11 Gabrielle de Rooy Resilience is the ability to readily recover from depression etc. (Concise Oxford Dictionary 1976). Resilience is a very important attribute for a person to have and it can help them to live life to a happier degree. Every person is born with a certain degree of resilience, with the ability to come back from disaster, and research has shown that though it can come naturally, it can also be learned and built upon. This is good for the children who aren’t born with a competent extent of natural resilience as others and which would therefore may have trouble with rejection or failure. But what can parents, teachers and society do to help build this resilience? There are many ways that parents can help their children to build up their resilience. Building resilience is a long process and broken up process that cannot be built up within one single event. A healthy lifestyle can help with a person’s resilience, so a good place for a parent to start is by making sure that their children have a healthy diet and are receiving plenty of nutrition, keeping fit, exercising and getting enough sleep to allow their bodies to rejuvenate. The theory behind this is that it is hard for someone to stay strong when you are literally sick and tired (Sharp). Sharp also states that the keys to resilience are taking care of yourself, optimism and perspective, using your strengths, reaching out and helping others are steps that helps build positivity. All of these things can be extremely effective as they help you to get a greater outlook on your problems as when you help other people or asking for help you are introduced to different solutions or perspectives on ways to deal with your situation. Willingness to take steps and following these through when facing a problem is also an important part of

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