Resilience Essay

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1. As a teacher, I can promote resilience in my classroom by creating positive and caring relationships with my parents and children. Promoting caring relationships with my families would be top priority in my classroom. Parents have to trust that their children are safe and welled cared for when they leave their children in my care. For example, I would host a family day where the students can bring their parent s to school for the day. I would also spend time with my students outside of class like attending recreational, sporting, and birthday parties to bond with them on a more personal level. 2. I will support and encourage my students and teach them how to love and care for one another. In my classroom, I would promote a loving environment for my students. Sharing, teaching then manners, how to follow instruction and rules, are some of the things I would focus on. For example, during early morning arrivals, I would encourage students to greet their fellow classmates with a hug. I would also lead by example ensuring that my students know that I am so happy to see them. During circle time, I would engage every child to make them feel special and loved. I would also incorporate the Path Curriculum into my daily routine to teach them how not to use aggressive behavior. 3. I will alter or enhance my curriculum to keep my students stimulated. For example, I would incorporate reading and literacy throughout the day to keep my students focused. I would also incorporate computer based learning as an additional learning tool for the students to engage in. Planning outside activities such as learning games, science and nature activities, and competitive games are other ways I would promote a fun earning environment. 4. I will lead by example and be a role model. I would be a mirror image as to how my students should conduct themselves and behave in class.

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