Residential Contract Essay

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ASSIGNMENT Describe the steps you would take to get a group contract agreed with a group of young people going on a weekend residential, and explain the importance of having such a contract in place. During this assignment I will talk about the steps I would take to get a group of young people on a residential weekend to sign an agreed working agreement contract, and highlight the importance and benefits of having the contract in place. In my assignment I am going to mention the advantages and disadvantages of having a contract and what should be included in the contract for both the leader and for the group. Firstly, the team planning the residential should be very clear about the purpose, aims and objectives of the residential. The team should identify methods for involving young people in the planning process. The age, experience and needs of the young people as well as the purpose of the residential will inform this decision. The team should also produce a set of procedures for young people in the event of them getting lost or arrested whilst on the residential The next step when at the residential setting is firstly to gather the group together so the young people are aware of the purpose, aims, and objectives of the residential and explain that the group should be involved as much as possible in the planning and decision making process of setting up their contract, explaining to the group that the contract they are about to set up is their working agreement for the duration of the residential, and discuss with them what they think and would like to be included in their contract. The importance and benefits of a contract is it installs guidelines that meets all requirements which the young adult can revisit anytime they need reminding of what is in their contract. It gives the young person their own

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