Resident Support Specialist Case Study

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Job Title: Resident Service Specialist Department: Department of The Army Agency: Corvias military Living Job Announcement Number: 304458-767 To Recruiters: I send this resume to humbly ask for your consideration for a position as a Resident Support Specialist with an opportunity for advancement based on merit and job performance. I have plenty of administration experience, and am a team player with strong communication skills—known for reaching organization goals. I have been working supply in the United States Marine Corps for 4 ½ years. I hold a Secret security clearance. I am currently transitioning out of the military and plan to complete an associate’s degree program in paralegal technology; – I also plan to further my work…show more content…
|EXPERIENCE AND ACCOMPLISHMENTS | Arbys ARG- Shift Manager Nov 2006 - Oct 2009 United States Marine Corps Oct 2009 - March 2014 Warehouse Clerk/ administrator |EDUCATION, CERTIFICATES, CREDENTIALS AND LICENSES | | | | |Certificates | | |Supply Warehouse Clerk- Camp Johnson North Carolina March - 2010 | | | | | |Credentials |

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