Resident Evil- Heart of Darkness Essay

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A river flows through a distant part of the Underworld, languidly moving, with the wicked aboard its boat of Damnation. And through this level of Hell they travel, both Marlow and Captain Willard, through the Outer Ring that houses the violent in a river of boiling blood and fire, and then past the Middle Ring where the Harpies reign in an atmosphere of terror and feed on the men and women who are violent against themselves. And finally, the Inner Ring where the violent against God and the violent against Nature all reside in a desert of flaming sand bright hot with fiery flakes raining from the sky. Here the wicked spend their time waiting for Judgement day, as Marlow and Captain Willard wait for the time they will be free of the river. The darkness that is evident in the Underworld resides in our own physical environment and in man himself, as an entity that is subdued by social restraints and responsibilities. When these bonds are removed, we experience the true, all-encompassing darkness, which plagues our every breath. With our own inner darkness, we morph the physical world into a harrowing image that reflects our true nature. Constantly light and dark battle for supremacy, but in ‘Apocalypse Now’, directed by Francis Ford Coppola, darkness reigns upright at the ‘end of the river’. Here the environment is a reflection of the man who rules it, and in ‘Heart of Darkness’ by Joseph Conrad we are shown the battle undergone by Marlow as he resists the primordial darkness that has consumed so many others before him. Throughout the novella ‘Heart of Darkness’, Marlow, the man who ventures through the very heart of the African continent receives firsthand experience of the atrocities forcibly placed on the native Congolese people. He recounts, "They [the slaves] were dying slowly – it was very clear. They were not enemies, they were not criminals, and they were

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