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The highly political aspect of the Yucca Mountain issue is shown in a directive issued by the NRC to begin closing out the evaluation of Yucca Mountain. In an article by Steve Tetreault “one of the five commissioners for the independent nuclear safety agency protested the directive.” The result was two commissioners recommended releasing an upcoming safety evaluation, while the other three commissioners abstained from the vote. As a The result was a quorum was not achieved and the directive is being will be carried out. This came shortly after Kenneth Rogers (who served on the commission from 1987-1997) said he did not believe the NRC Chairman, Gregory Jaczko, had the authority to issue a shutdown order. Rogers also feared the NRC’s reputation for independence was being tainted (Tetreault). The directive is also being questioned by several congressional Representatives who claim Jaczko is playing politics in the supposedly independent NRC (Tetreault).. In a letter to Mr. Jaczko they question the order that was delivered “unilaterally” to closeout the evaluation (Marshall). Gregory Jaczko the Chairman of the NRC, who was previously an aide to Senator Harry Reid of Nevada, has long been opposed to Yucca Mountain. Senator Reid, the Senate majority leader, was in a heated re-election when President Obama gave the order to start dismantling Yucca Mountain. This gave Senator Reid a big enough boost to get him re-elected. While Senator Patty Murray of Washington faced challenges in her re-election bid. In an article for The Washington Times Daily, Kevin Freking wrote “Support for Yucca Mountain in the two states shows that positions on now how to deal with nuclear waste are often shaped by regional differences rather than partisan ones.” In March 2010 when the DOE withdrew its application for Yucca Mountain, Senator Murray gave the Energy Secretary an earful. She

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