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Name : Tivani Taruli.S Class : A Registration Number : 7336130718 Subject : TEFL Methodology Class Lecturer : Dr. Sri Sumarni, M.Pd ------------------------------------------------- Assignment : Research Appraisal I. INTRODUCTION Research Title : Cognitive Linguistics ad the Secomd Language Classroom Researcher : Randal Home An associate proffessor in the Department of English at the Hong Kong Institute of Education. His reserch interests include the pedagogical use of texts, English for specific putposes, applying cognitive metaphor theory, and literacy. The Publisher : TESOL QUARTERLY Vol. 46, No.1, March 2012, TESOL International Association II. DESCRIPTION OF THE RESEARCH REPORT In this research, the researcherexplains how Cognitive Lingusitics (CL) helps teachers to fit language to the nature of the cognition that learns whilst devising modes of instruction that are better attuned to the nature of language that has to be learnt. This article argues that facets of a new approach are starting to emerge and that these can be broadly isolated according to four principles that comprise : embodied learning, conceptulization, the lexico-grammatical continuum, and usage. This strengths of this article are by providing a deep and clearly definition about cognitive lingusitics, embodied learning, conceptulization, the lexico-grammatical continuum, and usage. All of these principles show CL as taking us beyond the search for a new ways to isolate and present language content towards a larger consideration of how we may find a better fit between the language content taught and the mind that learns. In this article the researcher clearly explained about the theoritical basis of the four principles above and discuss how they help assess language pedagogy. She alsos want to ask the reader to evaluate whether they know enough about the

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