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The Proposal by Anton Chekhov is a play about a man who wants to propose to his neighbour’s daughter. Along the way he finds his heart disease becoming worse with continual palpitations. The man, Lomov, is in a hurry state regarding his 35 years age and must have an ordered, regular life. The humorous story and the ridiculous characters make The Proposal a very enjoyable play. At the beginning of the play, Lomov is visiting “long time no see” neighbour, Choobukov, with a formal dress. He becomes nervous since he comes to ask a favour. As the story progresses, when Lomov asks for the hand of Choobukov’s daughter, Natalyia, Choobukov is extremely happy and stunned with joy. Later, in the middle of chit-chat between Lomov and Natalyia, they are involved in silly debate about Volovyi meadows. They are both stubborn that none of them take a step back. Choobukov joins in to support his daughter and shouts for the “sick” Lomov to leave the room. Soon, Natalyia regrets her behaviour after hearing Choobukov’s story about the proposal. She begs his father to call back Lomov and luckily Lomov comes back. After some time of “peace”, they are debating (again). This time, it is about a dog. What a joke. Unfortunately, Lomov is at the limit. He gets palpitations and there are flashes in front of his eyes. But, he keeps debating with Choobukov and Natalyia about sportsman. Soon, he falls down and the rest of the people in the room start shouting. When Lomov is coming round, Choobukov quickly orders Lomov to marry his daughter as soon as possible. They kiss each other and guess what? They are debating again (non-stop). What a simple life. The ridiculous characters in the play reflects our daily life. They are stubborn yet easily forgive. The story is simple but the way of author’s writing makes it so funny. Just look at how each character express with another. When you finish

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