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Ryean R. Burger END215041VA016-1138-001: RESEARCH AND WRITING Tonja McCurdy-Jennings October 20, 2013 Topic 1 – Should changes be made to the regulations for foods served in public schools? I chose this topic because I see quite a few children who are obese these days. In addition, it appears that many schools do not promote healthy eating habits, and time for outside physical activity is limited to those children who are actively involved in athletic programs. Other children do not receive the encouragement needed to get outside and play, or otherwise run around. Much of the food currently being served in suburban Chicago schools is extremely unhealthy. This issue is quite serious and demands immediate attention in order to prevent further obesity in our children. The audience for such a study would be parents, school administrators, teachers, students, local, state, and federal government officials. Long, M., Luedicke, J., Dorsey, M., Fiore, S., & Henderson, K. (2013). Impact of Connecticut legislation incentivizing elimination of unhealthy competitive foods on national school lunch program participation. American Journal of Public Health, 103(7), e59-e66. Poppendieck, J. (2010). Free for all: Fixing school food in America (California studies food and culture). Ewing, NJ: University of California Press. Topic 2 – Should minors who commit serious crimes be charged as adults? This topic is important within my own community and surrounding area. Minors are currently engaging in quite serious crimes. In order to effectively determine whether or not minors should be tried as an adult, we must look at several different factors. These factors include, age, criminal history, and what type of lifestyle the minor is currently exhibiting. The audience for this topic would be local, state, and federal government officials, in addition to law

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