Research Topic #2 Essay

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Abstract I am writing my research topic on how Henry is having a difficult time figuring out his feeling towards Susie Q. Henry past experiences with his parents and his friends have molded him to have trouble opening up and trusting Susie Q. Ambivalence may be the topic of choice but I just could not hit the hammer on the nail to what other word I wanted to use. Research Topic #2 Susie Q. has at long last found her soul mate in the body of Henry Longawaited. She’s sure that this is the true love of her life. Hank feels much the same way about meeting her, but he has some reservations based on his experiences while maturing into the fine strapping young lad that he is today. He recalls many incidents of feeling very ambivalent about the way he felt when dealing with his parents. He also had similar feelings when dealing with many of his close friends while growing into his mature state. Susie Q. on the other hand had none of those reservations about her family of origin. The relationship you have with your parents sometimes has some of the biggest effects on how you open up to your future someone. From the looks of it Susie Q has had a very open family that she can tell anything to and so forth. From the way I see it on Henry’s parent’s side, is that his parents were both very up front and very strict and had a mean sense to them. I can see that his parents did not really care about much but somehow he became mature on his own. The following is what I picked up on from an abstract I read about family relationships and how ambivalence ties in with my paper. The concept of ambivalence emphasizes the complexity of family relations and the potential for individuals to evaluate relationships as both positive and negative. Using multilevel models, we investigate ambivalence in adult children's relationships with their aging parents
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