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Kiviat, Barbara. “The Real Problem with Credit Cards: The Cardholders.” TIME, 12 May 2009. Web. 1 Mar. 2013. <,8599,1897362,00.html>. The writer believes that the cardholders are the main issue in credit-card industry. She lists a number of her views and contentions which state by other scholars. She argues that people often make a wrong determination when using credit cards as they think that credit cards will bring a larger benefit to them than cash. Credit cards change people’s consuming attitude as they don’t like real money when using it. At the same time, the minimum payment which printed on the statement would affect human’s concept of paying off and carry more balance. People don't have a full understand of how much they're paying for their credit card. Writer suggests a solution which notes in book Nudge, write Economist Richard Thaler and legal scholar Cass Sunstein, credit-card companies are forced to produce a statement to customers including all charges, interests and fees once a year in order to let them have a clearer understand of what they have consumed. Tuttle, Brad. “College Kids: No Escaping the Clutches of Consumer Culture.” TIME, 4 Oct. 2010. Web. 2 Mar. 2013. < -consumer-culture/>. Brad mentions that although the new rules were set to defend younger, there are still some sly credit-card companies try specific methods to reach the market of them. They cooperate with colleges in order to sell their products. Freebies and coupons are the baits they use to attract students’ attentions. He also notes the reasons why the credit-card companies would like to develop the market of young people. According to USA today, the companies wants to affect kids’ consuming

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