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Research Study Paper Grand Canyon University LDR-802 Keith A Dowdell July 11, 2012 Research Study Paper Introduction The termination of the doctoral expedition is the thesis research. This project will conduct researchable potential subjects in the area of leadership that could be utilized during the dissertation study. Using the Grand Canyon University library, three academic pragmatic study resources linked to leadership was sited. The first piece of writing sited was linked to the part personality plays in leadership by Andrew Thatcher and Anthony De La Cour. Thatcher and De La Cour (2003) examined possible pressure of personality facet taking place with performance and character procedures of tiny cluster decision-making in face-to-face and computer-mediated crowds. The research was done because progresses in contact equipment have offered society with innovative type of computer-mediated contact that allows groups to function at large spaces. On the other hand, computer-mediated contact creates innovative confrontations for interpersonal contact and decision-making. The second piece of writing sited was linked to leadership authored by Alester Jazz Johnson. Johnson (2008) evaluated the performance of a psychodynamic advancement to management in the United States Army. This reading is important since the temperament of the quickly shifting Army and the geological surroundings. Talented consequences might give criticism for Army leaders, whereas it possibly will optimistically influence the preservation of present armed forces and civilians, the employment of an innovative armed forces and civilians, and amplify obligation and efficiency for the uprising armed forces of today. Also, it might show helpful to additional US armed forces and national businesses. The third piece of writing sited was linked from one of the previous reading

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