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Research Strategy Paper D. GEN / 200 FOUNDATIONS FOR GENERAL EDUCATION AND PROFESSIONAL SUCCESS University of Phoenix VICTORIA NEUBECK January 10, 2011 Research Strategy Paper In our day to day life we encounter all sorts of problems and maladies that range from a slight annoyance all the way to impeding the quality of life. Most of my daily concerns range in the slight annoyance range and as such I have chosen one of them to research a solution to. My problem is that my stairs creak very loudly when they are walked on and when it’s late and people are sleeping it can often times wake them up. As I have been living here for over 3 years now I just accepted the squeaky loud stairs and figured there was nothing I could do about it. The information that I need to gather to solve this problem would be possible causes and subsequent solutions. I would also have to find out potential contractors or handy men to fix the problem assuming the job would prove to be too difficult to do myself. If it was within my own abilities to fix the problem I would need to find out what types of tools would be required and any additional needs required. In addition to tools materials for fixing would also be required whether or not I was doing the repairs. The information can be found in many places, from employees at most hardware stores that specialize in home projects as well as in technical manuals and material such as wood working text books and websites. Another amazing resource and location to find do it yourself type information is the internet as there are a very large amount of sites devoted to helping people fix problems. The process needed to evaluate this information hinges on where I find the information, even if I contract out the work their credentials would need to be assessed and possibly checked on because not everyone is honest, even business men. I would
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