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Foundations General Education and Professional Success The problem that needs to be solved is the fact that dog Cailyn smells. It’s not that she’s unbearable to be around but more so not pleasant. This is a problem because I want to be able to pet my dog and not have to worry about what my hand smells like afterwards. I’d also like to give her a hug without having her smell infect my clothing. I’d also want to be spared the embarrassment of having a smelly dog when we have guests at our home. Oftentimes, when our dog smells, the odor rubs off onto the carpet, our clothes, and our furniture. These are all issues that I’d like to rectify. Cailyn gets a bath once every week or two. We typically use an average pet shampoo made by Hartz. It’s fairly inexpensive, and it can be bought almost anywhere. However, using this shampoo doesn’t make her smell go away completely. We put into use several resources to obtain the information we needed. First, there’s online. There’s typically a wealth or information on the web. The problem with doing research using the web is that there are credibility questions. Not every site is one hundred percent reliable. Another source that we used is the staff at the pet supply store that we frequent. We typically go to PetsMart for most of our pet supply needs. Thirdly, there was also the option of asking our veterinarian. Utilizing the resources at PetsMart and our veterinarian would prove to be helpful because domestic animals are their specialty. Lastly, there was the option of asking our friends and family members who have pets. Most often, the people who we trust for answers are those that are closest. We began my research online. We used the Google search engine with the question, “How do I make my dog smell better?” We browsed through a few websites. One website

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