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Research Strategy Paper Prioritizing has always been one of my weaknesses in everyday life. I try to multi-tasking and still don’t get the satisfaction I need to complete successfully my tasks. I bounce from one task to another without giving 100 %. I think as if I get nothing done day by day. I am always spinning my wheels on what to do first. I have a to-do list but it doesn’t work. I want to learn how to prioritize more efficiently in my everyday responsibilities as a student, wife, mother, and business woman. I will first have to gather information on how to solve my prioritizing issue. I will outline the needed material for the research. The information I gather will have to consist of setting tasks with a classification of priority. I will also collect the information on the concept of the 80/20 rule or Pareto Principle. In addition to the information in classifying my priorities, I will research on how to prioritize with other responsibilities in my life. The information will be established by talking with other people having the same responsibilities. I will get some ideas on how they prioritized their day. For example, I can ask them how they set up their to-do list (the ABC’s priorities) for the day. I could ask questions to my interviewee on how their priority system has helped the individual. I will research books and internet sources on how to set priorities on day to day tasks to include being a student, wife, mother, and business woman. The information should have how to prioritize, what to prioritize, and how to apply the system to work with one’s schedule. I will also obtain information from these sources on time management. I believe prioritizing and time management correlate with one another. After gathering my information on prioritizing, I will go through the sources that I retrieved to evaluate the credibility,

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