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Research Strategy Paper Henry Banh September 27, 2010 Gen 200 Sam Cunningham It is Thursday afternoon, around four thirty and I am straightening up my desk for the weekend. I do I every Thursday before I leave from work so that there is a clean desk for Monday. “What a great way to start off the new week”, I think, “Now to go home and clean up the house for the weekend.” My weekend normally is pretty busy, filled with church activities, poker or game nights, school assignments and other responsibilities that pack up my schedule. If I do not clean up my house on Thursday, I will not be able to clean it up until the following week. Suddenly, just as I am driving home, I receive a phone call that reminds me of the 6 o’clock meeting at the church for new interns. I had forgotten about the meeting, but I wasn’t worried because my roommates could help with the cleanup. I call my first roommate, “Beavers”, but I does not pick up. I was successful with my second roommate who says that I will do the dishes. When I finally get home around ten, I go to the kitchen to find a cup for water but to no avail as my roommate had changed the location of the cups. I mutter, “Keeping a clean, well maintained home will require a plan for managing my theme, method of organizing each area of the house, and enlistheng the Ilp of my roommates.” Time Management Time management is a crucial element to maintaining a home. It was not too hard to find information on time management. All I had to do was go on the university library website and utilitize the resources that was available. Along with the articles I found on time management, the other two topics my vast experience in life, I was able to gather enough information to write the essay. With time management I found that there are many tasks that needs to be done. Washing and drying the disIs, doing the laundry,

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