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Research implies an examination or investigation is being undertaken to establish some principle or to find some facts or to answer some problem on some other similar objective with a well defined method . Research report is considered a major component of the research study for the research task remains incomplete till the report has been presented and/or written . It is the stage in research of unveiling the findings of the researcher on the selected topic to others. In Research report, the investigator or the researcher clarifies and systematizes his work . All the data he has collected and his findings are being put together in a systematic way, following a format of writing a research report to ensure its clarity. Also through research report, future researchers are guided by the report written earlier . Other researchers on the related topic will make a reference to a previous written research as a source of material and also as a guideline of how similar reports are to be written. And if the findings of the research in the report are of practical use, the report can be incorporated into statutory law. It can be used by the court for arriving at a conclusion different from the earlier one either to reform an existing law or to mould the course of social movement . There are two points that a researcher has to take into account when preparing a report; what does the people want or need to know about the study and how this information can be presented in the simple and lucid manner . The general structure of a research report is divided into three parts; the preliminary matters, the main text and the end matter . The preliminary matters include the title page, acknowledgement page, preface or forward, table of contents, table of cases and list of tables or figures. The main text includes introduction, the problem, survey of related literature, procedure,

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