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Research Proposal Feminism as described in Kate Chopin's: Story of an Hour and A Pair of Silk Stockings Problem: The feminist movement was a quest to find equality for women in the society. For the majority of history, gender inequality and discrimination has been a burning issue world-wide. Due to the male tyranny, women were not in the position to voice their rights in the society. The women have been treated unequally to men; although their fight towards equality has become quite beneficial to them. Now after more than a century, the movement is struggling to make progress due to the lack of harmony between its supporters. What was supposed to plainly depict the sorry state of women in the country became the cause of such sordid state. It seemed unfair for women to ask them to wait for another century for gaining equality in the society. Background: The existence of gender inequality and the challenges that were plaguing the issues of women’s rights world-wide, gave rise to the formation of feminist groups and launching of feminist movements in America in the 19th century along with other social revolutions. During that period, along with various demonstrations by activists, many female authors penned their views which were otherwise suppressed due to the gender gap. Kate Chopin was one such influential feminist writer. Her short stories indicate an unwillingness of the female gender to accept a place of authority as human beings in society. The stories impeccably show that the women’s rights were not only limited by the society but also by the members of the family as the protagonists could not freely do what they desired. It takes a feminist eye and a detailed study of Chopin’s text to reveal the struggles of women and the movement that sought to empower them. Justification: This paper will highlight the oppression of women and inconsistencies and lacunas

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