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Research Proposal The research proposal of a strategic plan is important to an organization because it provides details about the proposed program. The research proposal is an outline of the entire process and gives a summary of what is included in the project. Aeropostale is a clothing organization creating a new clothing line for infants, toddlers, and young children. Aeropostale needs to validate the organizational vision, mission, and values statements, perform an external environmental analysis, and perform an internal environmental analysis. The sources and information Aeropostale is expected to use will be provided. How To Validate The Organizational Vision, Mission, And Values Statements The vision, mission and values statements are significant to Aeropostale. The organization’s business philosophy should be known and displayed. The philosophy should be evident with each interaction with the organization. The vision statement provides the direction of the organization’s future. The vision statement is the inspiration and framework for the strategic plan. The vision statement can apply to the entire organization or a department within the organization. The mission statement explains what the organization wants to accomplish. According to Doucet (2009), “A mission statement outlines the core values, purpose, and vision. It gives substance to those principles that will not be compromised. It creates a visual map for the journey.” (para. 6). The mission statement represents the organization, goals and expectations. The mission statement is used to identify what the organization stands for. Aeropostale will have the same mission statement for the teen clothing line, but new services and departments require new goals and expectations for Aeropostale. The values statement is the core of the mission statement. The values statement defines what is important

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