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What really does effect society? Manufacturing efficiency and speed would forever be changed after December 1, 1913. This revolutionary date is when the Assembly Line was invented. This allowed automobiles to be mass produced at a faster rate and for interchangeable parts to have a bigger impact in manufacturing. Henry Ford, the inventor, had forever changed the productivity rate of his company for years to come. The introduction of the assembly line is similar to the introduction of Apple products by Steve Jobs to American society. This allowed people to become more connected and led to the evolution of modern technology. Although they both faced success, both of these innovations had different routes to stardom as well as their effect on American society. Objects were being produced to slow for Henry Ford’s liking. The introduction of the Assembly Line “changed the time it took to build a car from 12+ hours to 2 ½ hours” ( This increased his factories’ productivity immediately. Now 4 cars could be built in the same time it took 1 to be built. “Ford’s 1914 production rate of 308,162 eclipsed the number of cars produced by all other automobile manufacturers combined” (Goss). This increase of production rate is a direct result of the assembly line. The need for mass production was answered swiftly and efficiently with the assembly line. The assembly line has many positive attributes. The assembly line “could stamp out parts automatically (and much more quickly than even the fastest human worker could)” ( This revolutionized how long work days were for society. This changed work days to 8 hours. Now that there were interchangeable parts it allowed room for error and more exploration in the world of technology. The assembly line is also given credit for “building the middle class and fostering the Great Migration of workers from the

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