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Research Process Paper

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Research Process Paper
The research process takes individuals through different avenues that will in the end prove that the hypothesis is true or untrue.   The research process requires that an individual or group to complete eight steps. The first step is to determine the purpose of the research.   The second step requires the problem to be defined.   The third step requires that the hypothesis is researched and developed from the problem definition.   The fourth step is the review literature about the research problem.   The fifth step is sampling design.   The sixth step involves the data collection. Data collection is very important. The data that is collected can be used to find out detailed information about groups of individuals. This information is important when developing a business and making sure the business is successful. The problem with the data that was collected from previous data sets is the vast amounts of information that was not broken down into smaller sections. The seventh step deals with analyzing the data with descriptive statistics.   The final step is where the conclusion is drawn.   This paper covers the purpose of the research, problem definition, hypothesis research, review of literature, sampling design, and data collection.
Purpose of the research
Data sets are collections of data on a particular subject. The data is presented in a tubular form- and is used to make comparisons between specific data.   The literacy between the United States and other countries is a comparable data. Literacy is to be able to communicate efficiently with someone else. It is important to know the literacy rate of a country. The data about the literacy rate can determine how effectively the communication is with that country. The literacy rate can decline or rise. The rate also helps with the government and the implementation of educational programs.   The CIA global demographics data set shows the data for several countries. The comparison of the United States...

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