Research Process: Components and Validity

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Research Process: Components and Validity According to Burns & Grove, Nursing research is a scientific way of validating, and improving existing knowledge and creating new knowledge which can affect nursing practice (McEwen &Wills, 2011).The researcher will use various methods and options to explore the answers for Research question and this process is flexible and circular (Fain, 2013).Because, the researcher may have to continuously review the literature and analyze the concepts. Results of a research study can be used for the initiation of another research (Fain, 2013, p.19).General steps or components of research process are 1.Selecting and defining the problem, 2.Selecting a research design, 3.Collecting data, 4.Analyzing data, 5.Using theresearch findings.(Fain,2013,p.20) Selecting and defining the problem: In this step, the researcher will identify a problem which will help them to improve the existing knowledge. Review of Literature is an essential part of this step .The researcher will identify pertinent variables, define theoretical frame work, formulate research questions and hypothesis (Fain, 2013). Selecting a Research Design: In this step researcher will select a design for the study in which sample selection, setting and method of measurements or tools are included. This planning is essential for the selection of reliable methods for analyzing the information.Collecting Data: In this step, the researcher will collect, record and organize information for data analysis. Analyzing Data: In this step, collected data will be analyzed and interpreted. Conclusions will be derived and recommendations will be made .Analysis of the results will explore opportunities for further study. Using the research findings: In this step researcher will share his findings with other people. These findings can be reported through journals,

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