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Running head: RESEARCH METHODS AND TERMINOLOGY Research Methods and Terminology XXXXX University of Phoenix Research Methods and Terminology Research methods play an important role in the criminal justice system today. Effective research methods have the ability to open and close cases. Those interested in the criminal justice field have a wide range of research methods at their disposal. The terminology involved is also a very important aspect when used in the study of criminology and criminal justice. This paper will explore some of the various research methods that are applied to the criminal justice system and explain how the knowledge of the terminology involved can be a valuable tool within these methods of research. Empirical Research in Criminal Justice Although research in criminal justice varies considerably, there are five general steps that are followed in order to conduct research. The first step is called problem formulation. This is the selection and specification of the area that will be investigated. The next step is research design which is the type of experimental or non-experimental approach, with the use of control groups and studying group(s) at one time or over a period of time. The third step is data collection methods which give a choice of various methods to be used such as observation, questionnaires, or interviews. The fourth step is analysis and presentation of findings which is to summarize report and when necessary statistically analyze and present findings. The fifth step is conclusions, interpretations, and limitations which is what the researcher believes the study explains. Quantitative Research in criminal Justice Research is the systematic investigation into and study of materials and sources in order to establish facts and reach new conclusions (Oxford University Press, 2010). With the various forms of
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