Research Process And Terminology

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Research Process and Terminology Paper Knowing common research terminology helps to understand and interpret scholarly articles so you can effectively apply what you have learned. Researchers have their own language for example doctors use more medical terms for their research. Police officers or criminal justice researchers also have their own research process and terminology. Approaches to theories and methods to criminal justice represent an attempt to develop explanations to reality in crime and the criminal justice systems. Theory attempts to clarify, explain, and to predict the direction of future events. Paradigm describes a theoretical and methodical belief that permits selection, evaluation, and criticism. An example of paradigm is in a classic article entitled “Broken Window”. Methodology is the collection of facts and data of crime and criminal justice policy. To understand better theory addresses the issue why, while methodology addresses the issue of what is. Two types of research are pure research and applied research. Pure research or basic research is not to invent or create something but gain knowledge for knowledge sake. Applied research, on the other hand, is designed to solve immediate policy problems. Other types of research are qualitative and quantitative research. In the qualitative research concepts are assigned a numerical value, and in the quantitative research concepts are based on ideas or terms that improve our understanding. The language of research is like a foreign language, most people do not understand it called researchese. To the people who do not understand the language of research is research shock. An individual new to research will not have a problem learning the research language. You just need to familiarize yourself with the terminology. Like police officers researchers have their own jargon or ideology. Concepts in
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