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Research Process Essay

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  • on April 30, 2012
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Below is an essay on "Research Process" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Research can be defined as an examination, investigation or the conducting of tests open to discovery and interpretation of facts, a modification of accepted theories or laws in the detection of new facts, or sensible application of such new or amended theories or laws. Research, the thought of it alone can overwhelm an individual. Now on top of that add the lack of understanding of not only the process but the terms used within as well. In this text we will discuss a few of those terms and how it will hinder an individual that is unfamiliar with them as well as how it will benefit those that do take the time to make them recognizable. By the end of this text you should be well on your way to speaking Researchese, the language of research.

      An imperative link frequently exists among research and policy-making. Researchers of criminal justice attempt to study subjects of both crime and justice methodically. They select regions of significance to research, propose their studies at symposiums, distribute their findings in criminal justice and criminology, as well as correspond to their research in ways that government policy makers and law enforcement officials can interpret it into more efficient anticrime policies. Research is the methodical process of accumulating and analyzing information. Research comprises any gathering of information, facts, and data for the progression of knowledge. The most significant components of the research process in criminal justice and criminology research methods consist of being familiar with terminology. The understanding of accurate terminology can be an advantage when analyzing and evaluating data or research studies. Conversely, an individual not knowing the appropriate terminology when performing research may possibly affect their report detrimentally. Persons engrossed in the study of criminal justice and criminology has an extensive range of research methods. By following the research process and learning to...

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