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Research Process Essay

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  • on March 12, 2012
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How is the research process and terminology in the criminal justice field related to you within your career path? How is new terminology helpful in assisting you and how is it affecting you when you are unaware? These questions often come to mind when considering taking on any research topic and doesn’t need to only apply to the criminal justice world. However that being said we will look further into the different types of terminologies that are related to the criminal justice field and just how the research process benefits those members of this field accordingly.
The research process is very complex and pending the individual conducting the research it can take several steps from beginning to end. If it were I that was researching information for a paper that I was attempting to write my steps would fold out as follows: Identify and develop your topic, Find background information, Use catalogs to find books or other types of sources, Use indexes to find periodical articles that may apply to your interest within the topic, Find internet resources and cite them accordingly, and finally evaluate all the information you gathered before brainstorming further ideas on your project.
Identify and developing your topic is a crucial step in the research process because it guides you through your paper by addressing what it is that you want to say first and foremost. A good example of this step in the criminal justice field would be if someone wanted to conduct a study on the repeat offenders within the system, then they could propose a question like What is the likelihood that a criminal today repeats his/her offenses after their initial release? Doing this would state the question of the paper and therefore its purpose and then you would identify the main concepts from there on answering the question throughout.
Finding background information for your topic helps you explain keywords and sometimes the terminology of your subject. Background information is...

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