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Letha Leaf Nancy Barlar Music 123 February 9, 2010 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and the Classical Era The Classical Era lasted for 70 years; there was a great change in the music that was being produced. Classical music placed a great stress on clarity with significance to melodic expression and instrumental color. Although opera and vocal music (secular and sacred) was still being written, orchestral literature was performed on a broader basis. The orchestra developed more color and flexibility as clarinets, flutes. Oboes and bassoons became permanent members of the orchestra. ( The 1700s brought about a musical style known as Rococo. This musical style was a transition from the Baroque to the Classical Era. Rococo, which means a new art styles light and embellished. In terms of music it is known as a style gallant. ( The melodies of the Classical era were compact and diatonic. The harmony was less structured because of the use of the tonic, dominant, and subdominant chords. During the classical era diatonic harmony was more common then chromatic. (www. The four major composers of the Classical era were Haydn, Mozart, Gluck and Beethoven; their writings were composed mainly for vocal and instrumental mediums ( Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born 1756 in Salzburg Austria. He lived to be the age of 35. Although he lived a very short life he was considered to be the greatest and most influential composer who ever lived and a master of all musical forms. Mozart was master of all musical forms and sat the standards for the development of music. He was born in Salzburg during the 18th century. During this time he was known as the greatest musical child prodigy that ever lived (Jeroen Koolbergen p. 5,6) Mozart’s first job was a Kapellmeister for their archbishop of

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