Research Paper Writing Strategies

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Research Paper Writing Strategies COMM/102 Research Paper Writing Strategies In a recent paper written on the topic of web development as a career choice, a specific strategy for selecting the topic, selecting sources, and organizing and composing the paper was used. This enabled the writer to more efficiently and clearly express the topic researched in a way that was informative and easy to consume. This paper is a discussion and analysis of that strategy. Paper Writing Strategy The paper was written as an assignment for a college course and the topic was left open for choice. Because the course covered career skills, the topic was chosen to reflect what had been discussed in class, but tailored to the writer’s specific career choice. Prior to starting to write, data was gathered detailing salary statistics, history of the industry, potential career paths, and further educational requirements. The sources were chosen based upon their credibility and their completeness regarding the topic. The paper was organized chronologically; starting with the history of the industry, current trends and salaries, and possible paths the industry may take in the future. As it was being written, the writer focused more on the history rather than the current and future states of the industry. If it were to be rewritten, the historical portion would only be a token to introduce the industry and more focus would be given to how the industry will affect the writer. Topic Selection & Audience In the web development as a career choice research paper, the writer selected the topic based on the audience being students of a college course on career development skills. This was important because the information being presented in the paper was of direct interest to the students. When selecting a research topic, it is imperative that the writer select a topic that is relevant to the
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