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Dissertation India has been serving to the needs of research paper writing for research students for over 10 years. The research paper writing service is offered at reasonable costs and bulk deal starting at three research papers on a similar topic is also offered. Research paper writing help or research papers writing service is a service meant for PhD research scholars to complete the publication requirements. While research paper writing generally requires empirical research to support, our service also provides theoretical research paper writing and podiums at various journals. The research paper writing service has been popular amongst the research scholars in US as they can use this research for their dissertation writing. Two major categories of academic works are conceptual papers and empirical papers published in academic journals. Conceptual papers report the work of research such as review and synthesis of literature on a topic, review of the existing state of research and indications of directions for future research, and the specification of propositions and theoretical models pertaining to a phenomenon under study. The most common type of conceptual paper is the one that provides specification of propositions and theoretical models. The structure and contents of this type of conceptual paper provide an introduction to the research topic, outline the theorization process and the associated outcomes such as propositions or a theoretical model, and describe implications for future research and practice. Empirical papers report the process and outcome of research aimed at the assessment of whether empirical data supports one or more hypothesis under examination. The structure and contents of an empirical journal paper include introduction, hypothesis, methods, results, discussion and references as its part. Research paper writing service also

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