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Research Paper- Saving Our Oceans and Ourselves

  • Submitted by: tclindsey
  • on November 19, 2012
  • Category: English
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Tanesha Lindsey
Professor Nagel
English 112: Research Paper
6 March 2012
Saving Our Oceans and Ourselves
A child, on a school field trip, watches as a great, white bear slides down an icy slope into a pool of water. He and the rest of his classmates, marvel at the sight of this great bear enjoying the cold water, frolicking as the keepers throw toys to it. As he watches, his mind begins to race. Questions fill his mind, question such as: where did this bear come from? How cold is the water in the pool? Why does this bear like the cold? The child’s thoughts are interrupted by the sound of the guide’s voice.
“This is Connie. She is an Arctic Polar Bear, rescued from drowning by a research vessel headed back to the main land, is about 4 years old and weighs about 500 pounds. We hope that we can get her to put on more weight before releasing her back into her natural habitat” the guide said.
“Why did she need to be saved from drowning?” asked a child, “she is a good swimmer.”
“Well, she was swimming a very long way to find another place to hunt for her favorite food, the seals and sea lions. These animals have to have great areas of ice that they live on, so when the ice was not enough for the seals and sea lions, they had to move to find a place where they could live. When the other animals left, Connie had to follow them. She was very weak from not being able to hunt and had to swim a very long way. She grew very tired.”
“Well, why did she not just take a nap?” another child asked.
“There was no ice where she was for her to rest upon, so she had to keep swimming until she found a place to rest, but Connie was too weak. She was very lucky, there are a lot of young bears who do not get recued” the guide said sadly.
Each child had many more questions to ask about Connie and she struggle to survive, but they field trip was over and the needed to start loading the buses. Their teacher was so impressed with their enthusiasm to learn more about the polar...

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