Research Paper Report Part I

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Running head: Research Report Research Report Part I Derrick Abrams Problem Background and Research Purpose College tuition cost has increased at a significant rate because of specific economic factors. Rising tuition costs have been blamed on a variety of factors, including a decline in state dollars, an over-reliance on federal student loan dollars and competition for the best facilities and professors (Hefling and Kuhnhenn, 2012). Inflation and the dire state of the economy have affected tuition costs faster than many other aspects of life. Other causes of increased tuition rates are higher spending on administration and programs. Increases in spending were driven mostly by higher administration, maintenance, and student services costs (Clark, 2009). The effects of rising tuition costs have impacted college graduation rates significantly. A study by Complete College America found that more than 40% of public college students attend part-time and only a quarter of these part-time students will ever graduate (Online Universities, 2012). Rates aren’t so great for full-time students either, with only 60% completing their bachelor’s degree within eight years (Online Universities, 2012). Research will attempt to show the effects of rising tuition costs on the decrease in college graduation rates. References Clark,K. (2009). The Surprising Causes of Those College Tuition Hikes. US News. Retrieved January 29, 2012 from, surprising-causes-of-those-college-tuition-hikes Hefling, K. and Kuhnhenn, J., (2012). Obama to Target Rising College Tuition. Time U.S. Retrieved January 29, 2012 from,,8599,2105566,00.html#ixzz1ktkUnTkF Online Universities Blog. (2012). 15 Surprising Side Effects of Rising College Costs. Online

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