Research Paper: Regulation

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Research Paper: Regulation Liberty University Introduction Regulations are set by different governing bodies to do different things from protecting the environment to protecting the rights of workers to making sure businesses are held accountable control some of their overall power. According to Salvatore, (2012) “regulation is the result of pressure from business, consumers, and environmental groups and results in regulation that supports business and protects consumers, workers and the environment.” Here in the United States regulation is viewed differently some will say regulation is good because it protects consumers, employees and the economy overall because of the lack of regulation has led to many economic issues that almost caused the county disaster such as with the savings and loans industry in the 80s and the mortgage crisis in the 2000s. Some will argue that regulation hurts businesses ability to operate; especially small businesses which have to make major investments in following the ever-changing laws. Regulations can be set be the federal and state governments and local jurisdictions. Some regulation is more important that others since not only does the law effect businesses, but their employees and consumers in the marketplace. Significance Businesses unless noted as nonprofit are established in most cases to make as much money as possible for the owner(s), investors and employees through employment and any bonus or profit sharing opportunities. However many companies and individuals within these companies can be greedy and try to break laws from cheating to trying to save money by not dumping materials and products correctly that could harm the environment and the community were citizens live. Because of these actions the government has had to become a regulator over the business community to make sure all
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