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Multiple Sclerosis Lucius Lewis-Lundy December 6, 2011 Anatomy 240 Dr. Titi Life dealing with multiple sclerosis is a struggle every day, waking up without the ability to walk, stand, or dress, and in need of assistance to do daily routines. Multiple sclerosis is an uprising matter. It’s a disease that force change and difficult to handle at times. Multiple sclerosis is still a mystery to the world. Researchers haven’t discovered enough information on how multiple sclerosis is cause or prevented. This paper will attempt to brighten the light on multiple sclerosis. It will break down the anatomy aspect of multiple sclerosis, the causes and symptoms, the treatment in dealing with multiple sclerosis. MS is the abbreviation of multiple…show more content…
The myelin sheath around the axon of the brain and the spinal cord are damage. MS prevent the nerve cells of the brain and the spinal cord from affectivity communicating by slowing down the nerve impulse. When the electrical nerves slow down, its blocks a signal from being passing from the brain to the spinal cord, result in a lost connection. MS is an auto immune system disease when the body destroys itself. The immune system work against the body a foreign virus enters the body; the body make antibodies to fight of the infection, but the immune system eventually work against itself by helping to destroy the myelin around the axons. The white matter of the brain and spinal cord are scared because of MS. What causes multiple sclerosis is a mystery. There hasn’t been an uncontested cause on MS only educated guesses and assumptions on the cause. Although, there hasn’t been a true cause, but there been consists associations that share a link with MS genetics and environment. MS is not listed as a hereditary disease. However they share a healthy number of genetic patterns. Like all other diseases the change of being diagnose with it if a family has the disease, MS is no difference. A person whose has a relative with MS is at a greater risk then a person in general…show more content…
It’s a disease that attacks the central nervous system where the main comments exists the brain and the spinal cord. Multiple Sclerosis is auto immune diseases that destroy that slow down the nerve conduction and destroy myelin. There hasn’t been a notable cause of MS but many associations’ factors genetics and environment. MS has many symptoms that’s difficulty to deal with they are majority physical symptoms, but there minority symptoms emotional. There are a lot of treatment options that a person with MS can do walking, eating right and cardio just to name a

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