Research Paper On Mexican American Diversity

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{draw:rect} HISPANIC AMERICAN DIVERSITY We have all heard people say Latino, Hispanic, and Mexican. Why do people say these terms if we all want to be treated the same? What do people think when they hear these terms. There are many different types of people in the Unites States. In recent studies the Latinos outnumbered the African Americans by millions. (United Census, 2004) They have similar cultures but are different in their own ways. I am going to try and talk about cultures and beliefs of four different Hispanic groups. I am going to talk about Puerto Ricans, Mexican Americans, Cubans and Latinos. They are all different in their unique ways. They have some things in common when it comes to family and language. Mexican Americans have established themselves more in economic, social and legal sphere. Hispanic Americans share many of the same traditional values as the Americans. Hispanic Americans make up the largest immigrant group in the country. This group makes up the Hispanic population. There language for Mexican…show more content…
They also have some of the same similarities. Just because they all speak Spanish doesn’t mean they are Mexican or Spanish. This is what everyone always says. They are Mexican because they speak Spanish this is not true. It is very important that one know the difference between these groups. Americans speak Spanish as well so does this mean we are Mexican. No, we have been taught to learn Spanish because of all eh new changes of people coming to the Unites States. REFERENCES US CENSUS BUREAU. Helping you Make Informed Decisions. October 7, 2000. Retrieved November 14, 2009. Hancock, Frances. The Culture of Mexican Americans. Vol 3. No. 3, 2004. Retrieved November 15, Tate, Angel. Hispanic American Cultural Diversity. February 8, 2008. Retrieved November 14, 2009.

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