Research Paper on Forbidden Love Between Romeo and Juliet and Ophelia and Hamlet

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Both Ophelia from Hamlet and Juliet from Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare suffer an issue of forbidden love. The two female characters are both similar in several ways such as them fighting for what they want with the men that they love. They also differ in many ways such as in Hamlet, Ophelia ended up starting to believe and obey her fathers orders towards the end of the book, when in Romeo and Juliet , Juliet stuck to her heart, ignored her families orders and believed in the love between her and Romeo. Ophelia from Hamlet written by William Shakespeare is similar to Juliet from Romeo and Juliet. Ophelia is similar because they are both young women of royalty who fall in love with the wrong person according to their family and both commit suicide for similar reasons. In their eyes it is the right person for them. The two characters also differ in ways such as Ophelia realizes her family was right and Juliet stays true to heart. In the book Hamlet it is quoted “In few, Ophelia, Do not believe his vows, for they are brokers, Not of that dye which their investments show, But mere implorators of unholy suits, Breathing like sanctified and pious bawds The better to beguile. This is for all: I would not, in plain terms, from this time forth Have you so slander any moment leisure As to give words or talk with the Lord Hamlet. Look to't, I charge you. Come your ways. “(1.3.135-144) Ophelia is in love with Hamlet, but it isn’t accepted in her family because her father Polonius and brother Laertes thinks he is a bad influence on her since he is a King and they think all the King wants is to use her for her body and not truly love her. Polonius orders Ophelia to listen to him and not speak to Hamlet. Ophelia had said to Polonius that she would obey his orders in not speaking or have a relationship with Hamlet. Their relationship had become complicated. Ophelia

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