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Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Describe the experience The majority of children born with full-blown FAS were born to mothers who are alcoholics and who drink everyday. Fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS) is a health problem that affects mother that consumed large amount of alcohol during pregnancy. Pregnant women are not educated about the risks of consuming alcohol during pregnancy. High levels of alcohol during pregnancy can result in a range of physical and mental abnormalities FAS is the leading known cause of mental abnormalities. Along with mental retardation, it could also cause physical problems. Here is a list of some possible side effect of FAS :- • Undersized head • Growth deficiency • Deformed facial features • Abnormal joints, hands, feet, fingers and toes…show more content… Reflection Fetal alcohol syndrome is a very devastating birth defect. The most devastating fact about the disease is that it can be easily prevented. It is a disease that hundreds and thousands have to deal with everyday because a decision that their mother made. I think that by drinking heavily during pregnancy you are causing a child to suffer from fetal alcohol syndrome this to me is child abuse that lasts for a life time. Influencing factors I have chosen Fetal Alcohol Syndrome because I was unaware of this syndrome until I watched a program recently all about the disorder. Being a mum myself I was unaware of the dangers associated with drinking during pregnancy. More awareness should be made as this syndrome is irreversible and could be

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