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According to, a depressant is a substance that inhibits or slows down the central nervous system. The effects include relaxation of the mind, relaxation of the body and an apparent relief to stress. Depressants are among the mostly commonly used drugs worldwide. They are medicinally used to treat a variety of problems including acute anxiety, panic attacks, tension and irritability. The problem is, most times, the pills last longer than the medical problem itself. The addiction begins when the person continues to take them to enjoy the euphoria (short-lived high). Because of the strong potency of depressants, they can be habit-forming. The body begins to build a tolerance and more pills are required to achieve the same initial effect. The pills are taken orally, and the effects last anywhere from one hour to 16 hours, depending on the type of pill, dosage and users tolerance. Some of the street names for depressants are: downers, barbs, rainbows, yellow jackets, and sleepers. Depressants affect the body by scrambling the chemicals in the brain that allow communications between the brain cells. Depressants slow brain activity, and many abusers say they feel like they are intoxicated by alcohol. The effects of both are very similar: slurred speech, relaxed muscles that cause poor coordination, impaired judgment and difficulty remembering, and sleepiness. Large doses may cause a person’s breathing to slow significantly. Also, large doses can lead to coma or death. Mixing depressants with alcohol can be a deadly combination. Newborn babies of abusers may show signs of dependence and withdrawal symptoms. Some common types of depressants are barbiturates, benzodiazepines, tranquilizers, methaqualone, and alcohol. Barbiturates have been prescribed since the early 1900s to induce sleep. In the medical world, they are often used as sedatives. They have

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