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Research Paper on Coconut

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Coconut Tree
1The Coconut palm is a tall, unarmed, unbranched beautiful tree, sometimes reaching over 20 meters in height. The roots grow deep, and are numerous. The leaves at the upper end of the tree form an apical crown. The fruit is three-angled and one-seeded. It is surrounded with fibres and a hard shell with three markings, generally referred to as the apical eyes. The inside is a white edible kernel, supplied with sweetish water. These palms love the saline coastal regions and thrive well in such places.
JC Kurian. “Coconut”. Amazing Healing Plants. Manila: Philippine Publishing House, 2010.

2The botanical name for the coconut is cocos nucifera, with cocos believed to come from Spanish, meaning "monkey-faced" or "eerie-faced" and nucifera from Latin meaning nut-bearing plant (from fero = I bear and nux-nucis = nut). It's nut, perhaps bearing three germinating pores, resembles a monkey face.
The coconut palm, has been eulogised as “Kalpavriksha” (Vriksha means Tree in Malayalam), the all giving tree in the classics of India. Its fruit is called “Lakshmi Phal” which is used in most of the social and religious functions in India from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, irrespective of whether the palm is grown locally or not. The use of coconut throughout India makes it a symbol of national unity and perhaps in the olden times the people of our country or our ancestors might have migrated from a coconut growing area. It is also possible that coconut had been cultivated in many parts of India and the climatic and geographical changes in due course might have caused the confinement of coconut to coastal tracts in the country.
The coconut palm is a long-lived plant; its bark is smooth and gray, marked by ringed scars left by fallen leaf bases. The tree can live as long as 100 years producing an annual yield of 50 to 100 coconuts. Coconut palms are found throughout the tropics, and can be successfully grown in areas that receive only mild frosts. 90% of the...

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