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“Chipotle” What is that smell? Look at that ceiling. Ever wonder how a restaurant got started? Ever wonder how much they actually care about the customers? Is that you just want to know about the restaurant before you step into the door? Like, what does the restaurant look like, where can I sit, and are the workers friendly or mean? Chipotle is a very enjoyable, decorative, friendly, and eco-friendly place where anyone can go to enjoy a delicious burrito with their choice of insides. According to Chipotle’s website, Chipotle first began near Denver in 1993. It was started by a man named Steve. At first, Steve was very interested in culinary arts, and he wanted to make a fast food restaurant that was not like every…show more content…
Rio Salado Parkway in Arizona, I started to walk up to the restaurant which was placed in the middle of two other restaurants, and I noticed that many other people were going to Chipotle at that same time. As I looked around outside the building, there was a large sign saying Chipotle, and I decided to enter. The doors I walked through were on the very rightmost side of the building. When I was inside, I stood in line, and I tried to take in what everything looked like. The inside resembled something of a factory, and everything seemed to be made of some sort of metal or tin. To the right of me was a picture of Chipotle, when asked, Sheryl Hoffman stated, “that [the picture] is of the first Chipotle in the line of Chipotles to ever open up.” I thought this was a nice way to remember the accomplishments of the beginning of Chipotle in general. As I continued toward the metal counter, I looked to my left and noticed a large U-shaped metal barrier which separated the seating of the restaurant from the line of people waiting to get their food, and I wondered why it was there. When I asked Sheryl Hoffman about it she simply said, “I really do not know why it is there. It could be for decoration, I’m not quite sure.” When I finally got up to the front of the line, I was greeted by an employee with a large smile on his face. He asked me what he could get for me, and I realized I…show more content…
The Burrito would come with a flour tortilla with rice and my choice of beans, salsas and other toppings. The next thing I saw on the menu was the Burrito bowl. The Burrito bowl was basically the same thing as a burrito except it would be in a bowl and would not have the flour tortilla. Reading over the menu, I saw one could also have a Fajita burrito, crispy tacos, soft tacos, salad, or chips and guacamole. The crispy tacos and soft tacos were the same, except when one ordered crispy tacos they would receive three small crispy tacos instead of three small soft shelled tacos. With the salad one would receive chopped lettuce with their choice of toppings. It seemed very similar to a burrito bowl to me, only with lettuce. The menu seemed small, but at the same time it was very hard for me to choose exactly what I wanted. Finally I decided, and I told the man at the counter I would like to order a chicken burrito. First, the smiley man put my burrito in a machine that heated up the outer tortilla that he would soon be putting the ingredients of my choice inside. When the tortilla was warmed up, he proceeded to ask me, “What kind of beans would you like?” The beans they offer are Black and Pinto beans. The Black beans are seasoned with cumin, garlic, and other spices while the Pinto beans are seasoned with bacon and several other herbs and spices which make them taste somewhat

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