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Research Paper National parks have been under threat sense the day they got created and they now face new and surprising threats by free development, the human appropriation of natural resources that the parks require, and fundamental changes in climate. “If we let our parks become fenced, static, ecologically impoverished oases in a sea of unsustainable development, they will cease being the living wonders envisioned by their founders.”(Gleick) What this quote is saying is that if we let the national parks get developed that they will be ruined and no more enjoyable parts of Mother Nature we be able to be appreciated. National parks first got started in 1872 and Yellowstone was the first one in the United States. They did it to preserve the land and its beauty, wildlife, and to use it as a symbol of national pride. There is such a long history now with national parks and it’d be a shame to see it get ruined by developers and natural resource projects. This country needs its national parks and in the government shut down it was the very first thing to get shut down and guarded by park rangers because no one was allowed in. The reason why the government shutdown accrued is because the Republican Party and the Democratic Party could not agree on a certain bill that would have to be passed so the government could get there funding but sense they could agree they just shut everything down till they could. "The administration just wanted the American people to feel the pain of the shutdown in a very visible way,"(Bryan) This affected the national parks big time because more than 400 national parks were closed and properties would be shuttered as nearly nearly all of the national parks service employees would face furloughs. People are now trying to get natural resources within the parks and that has a lot of people up in arms

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