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Chapter I THE PROBLEM Studying English is important in helping you to read and write well, how to use the English language to its greatest effect and be creative with the language itself. The study of English can increase your vocabulary, increase your creative ability and teach you on how to speak in English grammatically correct. English is taught as a foreign language in non-English speaking countries like Philippines. In this instance, the purpose of English as a subject is to learn about how to communicate using the language, how to speak and write it correctly and fluently and how to structure the language correctly. You need to learn tenses, prepositions, countable/uncountable nouns, collocations and other grammar contents - it definitely takes pain and time to learn all of them. Thus, some Filipinos usually spend a lot of time studying grammar and they learn it from the very beginning of their learning where in they use their knowledge in English grammar in their job (for the professionals), daily activities in school (for the students), and for people looking for a good job (they can used their English skills in job interviews). Some students, however, insist that taking so much time to learn grammar is useless or just a waste of time. They reason that it is hard for them to learn the English language since it is not their mother tongue language and they do not use it inside their houses. In Saint Louis College High School Department, some students of St. Leo are having problem in mastering some of the lesson especially in terms of literature. The teacher observes that the students participate during the discussion part but having trouble ending the subject matter because most of the students do not participate and since the nature of the subject is in the use of English Language in spoken or in non-verbal messages, ending the day’s lesson
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