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Cormac McCarthy’s No Country for Old Men is a typical McCarthy Novel Cormac McCarthy has written ten novels, such as No Country for Old Men, The Road, and All The Pretty Horses (Exclusive Oprah Interview). His novels are unique in many ways. From the moment the reader opens up the book, he instantly knows it is a Cormac McCarthy novel. The reader knows he is reading a McCarthy novel by recognizing his unique writing style. Cormac McCarthy has truly been deemed a badass due to his unique style as an author. The four ways a reader can recognize that it is a McCarthy novel is that McCarthy is not afraid of going into the “dark side” of America, he makes violence into a beautiful thing, he ignores the rules of grammar, and he is a master at creating brilliant and violent characters (10 reasons McCarthy Is a Badass). McCarthy knows that behind our sunlight, American mythologies have a dark side stained with blood (10 reasons McCarthy is a badass). In McCarthy’s novels No Country for Old Men and The Road, there are some of the more recognizable McCarthy novels showing the true dark side of America. The Road introduces what life would be like after the apocalypse in America. The scene is set at the end of the civilized world, where life is dying on the planet (Left Behind). The way McCarthy sets it as the dark side is literally making the only color in the world fire and blood (Left Behind). The novel introduces cannibalism also, which is pretty dark. To become a cannibal a person has to go to an extremely dark place. This is what really makes the novel show the dark side of America. The novel however is focused on the father and the son, who make the journey to find a warmer place to stay (Left Behind). The novel shows how they overcome the difficulties to give in to the dark side that everyone else is giving in to. Another novel that shows the dark side of America

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