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“Whether or not children with ADHA is over medicated” Center for disease Control Study: United State, 2003-2007. Increasing prevalence of parent-reported ADHD among children ages 4-17 years old. “Other concern and conditions” They believe the behavior disorders often presents extras challenges to affected individuals. Their fore it is important for the doctors to screen every child with ADHD for other problems along with drugs problems, peer problems and long term developments. Phyllis Anne Teeter Ellison, ED.D: Panksepp 1998. Wrote about the myths and misconceptions about ADHD. She wrote on the asserts that ADHD is not a disorder or at minimum, is a benign one that is over-diagnosed. Children are needlessly medicated by parents who have not properly managed their unruly, unmotivated children and who are looking for an academics advantage in competitive, educational environments. Sandra F. Thomas- extraordinary parent who started a national movement and awakened a notion to the suffering of children with ADHD in 2003 Richard K. Nakamura PHD national Inst. Of Mental Health part of NIH: 26 years trained in neuroscience studies of the brains. He carefully examines the problem and its affected areas. He knows that this child hood disorder needs urgent attentions. Russell A Barkley PHD is a research professor of psychiatry of the State University of New York Upstate Med. University in Syracuse; N.Y He has conducted research on ADHD for more than 30 years. He holds a diplomatic in three specialty areas, ABPP, ABCCAP and Clinical Neuropsychology. Dr. Ronald Beaver –Psychologist; Positive Imagery Foundation South Los Angeles Articles “Over medicated and underserved May 2008. FCN UK and International Edition. He believe that children with ADHD are disproportionately represented because their needs are

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