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Thesis statement: The turning point of the American Revolution was based on three events: Benjamin Franklin convincing France to join the Americans, Battle of Saratoga, French and Spain entering the war. I. Introduction A. The American Revolution was for freedom from British rule. B. Some causes that led to the American Revolution were the French and Indian War, more revenue. 1. The Sugar and Stamp Act, which raised taxes and imposed more taxes. 2. The Boston Tea Party when colonists dumped all of the tea from ships into the harbor. C. With the turning points of the American Revolution the colonists were able to reverse the outcome of the war. II. Benjamin Franklin A. Benjamin Franklin aided Thomas Jefferson in writing the Declaration of Independence. 1. He was known as one of the Founding Fathers. B. As an American diplomat he stayed in France persuading France to come to the American’s support against Britain. 1. Without the assistance of France the Americans wouldn’t have been able to defeat Britain. 2. Benjamin Franklin’s role in the American Revolution was crucial in convincing France to join the war. III. Battle of Saratoga A. The Battle of Saratoga was a critical part of the American Revolution. 1. Divided into two battles, British General Burgoyne’s first attack and second. 2. During his first launch of an attack the American troops surrounded him, and he needed reinforcements. 3. When Burgoyne had launched his second attack to many American reinforcements had already gathered and was overpowered. B. The British had surrendered to the Americans. 1. This caused the French to believe the Americans had a chance in winning the war. 2. The French joined the war and provided the Americans with the support they needed to win the war. 3. The French contributed to the Americans financial support, soldiers, a navy, supplies, etc. IV. French and Spain entering the war.

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