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Venus Villegas Christopher Otero DATE \@ "MMMM d, y" September 30, 2014 The Letter When the loyalty and trust between you and the person you look up to the most is broken, all the feelings and emotions make you feel like your heart is coming to a complete stop. That person to me was my dad, even though he was in prison most of my life my dad was my hero my worrier my best friend in my eyes he could do no wrong even when he came home for four years and ended up back in he was still my rock and one thing he always said to me was “ No matter what you can tell or ask me anything and I will do the same with you” and I took those words to heart I told and asked him anything knowing that the trust and loyalty was there. And as I got older nothing changed the only thing that changed was the level of seriousness of the questions and the things I told him. I talked to him about boy’s, sex, drugs and he was the first person I told when I got my period. And I always thought that it would be like that forever where I could tell him anything and he would not judge or even have the trust in me to know that I would always be honest with him, but I didn't know it would all come to an end in just a few moments. We were having a family get together at my house the kids were down stairs playing hide and seek and all the grown ups and teenagers were up stairs gossiping, drinking and listening to music it was a special day because my dads cousin Manny just got out of prison also and my dad was gonna call to talk with him. I was anxious for him to call because I had some news to tell him. this boy I was talking to for a little while finally asked me out but the only bad part was he is black and my dad also always told was to NEVER bring a black boy home I never understood because he had tons of black friends. Anyway I was anxious to tell him but also worried what he would say.

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