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Research Paper-A Concern and Commentary According to the course syllabus, students enrolled in Sociology of Developing Countries (SOC300) are expected to gather, evaluate, and integrate information from a variety of sources to draw conclusions and/or to support a position. With this in mind, you will complete a research paper that will identify a concern, discuss if your respective country is addressing the concern, present solutions and provide a commentary. View the sample papers under our "Additional Resources" area in our "Student Center" for minimum expectations. Research should incorporate concepts from our readings, lectures, and at least three outside academic sources. Academic sources include scholarly books and/or journals. Be sure to include at least one of our textbooks as a reference, as they are the basis of our study of third world countries. You may incorporate primary and/or secondary sources, but please refrain from utilizing wikipedia. Your research paper must include a title page, reference page, and incorporate APA format. This is a research intensive paper; therefore there will be several opportunities throughout the course to assist you in building your research. Information that is not your own should be cited according to the APA format. For example, if demographics were taken from the CIA website, this information should be cited. In general, paraphrase or put as much information as possible in your own words. If you must use direct quotes from research materials, please limit them to two quotes and ensure they are properly cited. Your research will consist of three components: • Component I- Selection of a country You may choose any country identified as third world. This country should be one that interests you because you will spend a large amount of time researching it. If you need assistance with selecting a country, visit the

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