Research On Leading And Managing People Essay

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serch on Leading and Managing People Course Code :7918 HER Convener :Dr Herman Tse Griffith University Argumentative Essay Plan By Kamran Avarzamani Student Id : s2850769 “Researchers argue that transactional leadership is more effective than transformational leadership in developing high-quality leader-follower exchange relationships to influence employees’ job performance”. Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Provide arguments to justify your position. Introduction This investigation takes an argumentative analysis look into how transformational leadership is perceived superior to transactional leadership in creating a higher job performance and job satisfaction while improving the leader and follower relationship. Traits and aspects of both systems are reviewed and presented in the manner where viewpoints of some contemporary and pioneering writers also addressed. Also a look at transactional and transformational leadership concepts and implementations. This report doe not agree with the topic sentence provided, and will shed light over why transformational leadership is superior in creating job performance and job satisfaction which improving the leader and follower relationships. Decision-making is a significant feature of successful management and it is widely allied with the power to influence others to work towards a set common organizational target and goal in order to facilitate desired outcomes through their input. (Bellman et al 1970). Successful managers are the ones who can build an optimum environment where subordinates can evolve to their fullest potential and guarantee the best participations (Steers and Porter, 1983).Effective management is best assumed through empowerment of employees and assurance of their active participation in decision-making processes that impacts subordinates positively, which leads

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