Research of Erp Application Prospects and Its Implementation at Chinese Smes Essay

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RESEARCH OF ERP APPLICATION PROSPECTS AND ITS IMPLEMENTATION AT CHINESE SMEs Thesis Yang Yang Degree Programme in Industrial Management International Marketing Management SAVONIA UNIVERSITY OF APPLIED SCIENCES, BUSINESS AND ENGINEERING, VARKAUS Degree Programme Industrial Management Author Yang Yang Title of project Research of ERP Application Prospects and Its Implementation at Chinese SMEs Type of project Date Thesis 15.12.2010 Pages 69 Abstract Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are the foundation and driving force of Chinese economy development. However, majority of SMEs are relatively small-scale, which lack capital, human resources, low management level and channels of getting business information. Therefore, it is urgent that SMEs carry out the construction of informatization and implement ERP to raise the level of management. Meanwhile, ERP implementation is a complicated engineering and has a high risk. As a result, the successful rate of ERP adoption is very low. Hence, how to solve the problems of ERP application for SMEs is discussed in this paper. Through the research methodology of theoretical approach and empirical analysis(case study), the paper explores the counterstrategies of ERP application for SMEs after clarifying the current situation and problems in ERP application. In a nutshell, this paper gives significant suggestions in making a proper EPR implementation strategy, choosing the right ERP applied model and improving the success rate of ERP implementation for Chinese SMEs. Key words: ERP(enterprise resource planning), SMEs(small and medium enterprises) Informatization, Implementation Principles, Applied models Table of Contents 1 INTRODUCTION

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