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In my research of advertisements, I did not find most of the ads very typical of those in Ms. Kilbourne’s essay. I think Ms. Kilbourne frequently jumps to conclusions that are too sexual in nature and I do not agree with many of her interpretation but also realize that she encourages the reader to have differing opinions. I did not find the ads she addresses in her essay to be that typical in the magazines I reviewed. The five ads I have chosen will focus on the sexual connotations, either blatantly obvious or as a matter of interpretation that do agree with Ms. Kilbourne’s conclusions. Ad number 1 is giving the reader the assumption that if you take these extreme energy pills that you will want to have long lasting energy to have sex. The ad targets the audience of both males and females. I make this assumption because the view of the model is only of her stomach and her underwear with the product tucked into the top of her underwear. The key words emphasize the “Hip way to save money on energy”. I conclude that this is another alternative to perhaps taking Viagra. Ad number 2 is giving the reader the assumption that if you take this product you will have sweet dreams, be able to wake up and go out the next day to have a date, perhaps leading to sex. It does not address any of the medicinal effects of taking a cold medicine. I think the target audience is both men and women. I conclude from this ad that if you take this cold medicine, you will feel better, sleep well and be motivated to be sexual. Ad number 3 is giving the reader the assumption that mesh clothing is a turn on to the opposite sex, in this case the females. The inference is to “mess around”, not mesh around. It does not address the physical comforts of wearing mesh clothing to keep your body cool, especially when you are exercising. I think the target audience is for men in that they should

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